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2015-04-17 14:15:05

Microfilament Nonwoven

                ------------ Hollow Orange Flap Bicomponent Microfilament Nonwoven

Composition:70%polyester + 30%polyamide.

 Weight:48gsm~ 220gsm.

Microfilament Nonwoven technology


Spunlace + spunbond, Polyester and Polyamide chips are spun into endless segmented filaments and the fiber diameter will be controlled between 0.05-0.15D, which is almost 1/10 of the general microfiber

 Made of the super continuous bicomponent filament which have a cross-section with an “pie” type multisegment structure (Hollow Orange Flap Bicomponent Microfilament Spunbond Spunlaced Nonwoven ).


Thanks to high pressure water jets,the filaments   

are split into microfilaments.                                   


 Four Color(Blue/Green/Red/Yellow)Microfilament Nonwoven Fabric