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Microfilament Cloth Features

2015-04-17 13:53:26

Microfilament Fabric Features:

1) Environmental friendly 

It is spunlace & spunbond technology, there is no waste water, no waste gas, no slag during the production,

 it is totally no pollution, up to Eco-textiles (Oeko Tex Class Standard 100) 

2) No scratch

As splitting and entanglement occur in spunlacing process, the wipes have a soft silk-like hand and

 don’t scratch during cleaning.

3) Easy to remove greasy dirt 

The wedge structure of the microfilaments facilitates cleaning dirt, grease, ink and other contaminates

 on surface or in subtle. Thanks to the three-dimensional structure, the wipes have

excellent absorption to prevent secondary pollution in the cleaning process.

4)Fast Absorption/ Easy rinse/ Dry fast

Thanks to the very large internal surface area and the three-dimensional structure 

of microfilaments,the fabric can absorb up to 400% of its own weight in liquid

and discharge quickly at the same time.

5)Low weight/High Breaking Strength/Good Stability

Ultra-light in compare with knitted microfiber. Thanks to endless bi-component microfilaments and 

the three dimensional structure, the wipes have a high breaking strength which not only meet the 

performance but also effectively reduce the cost. In addition, the dimension change is less than 1%

 below 200 ℃ in any humidity.

6)Excellent Anti -mite Property

Thanks to its excellent anti-mite property, good air permeability,  and  eco-friendly nature, QmiteTM is an ideal choice to be used in home furnishing materials.

Heat transfer printing, no fading, not permeate to the fiber, not to undermine the

physical structure, the green environmental protection.

Excellent anti-mite performance .

Good air and water permeability .

Soft,comfortable and sound-absorbing .
Mechanical washable .