Kocean Materials Co.,Limited 公司简介

Nonwovens and Microfiber Expert

Kocean Materials Co.,Limited is a professional supplier of  NONWOVENS and MICROFIBER products (manufacter and trading company). Our spunlace and needle-punched production lines for nonwovens are as super as warp knitting machines and circular knitting machines for microfiber cloth which are in high performance. We supervise all production processes from raw fiber to finished products , inspection and packing.  We adhere to develop high technical functional nonwovens and microfiber fabric, especially the environmentally friendly products, we hope we can do something for our beautiful earth. Till now, we can produce woodpulp, bamboo, flax, jute, aramid , polyamide, polyester, rayon etc nonwovens and 80%polyester + 20% polyamide weaving microfiber fabric. Our MICROFILAMENT NONWOVENS production line was puted into operation at 2010 ,it is the 3th production lines in the world after Evolon. Till now , our microfilament nonwovens weight range is 48-220gsm, max width is 180cm for white and 160-167 for colored. Our products are widely used for the following purposes  1) For Household Cleaning 2) For Car Care  3) For Industry Care  4) For CDs, Lens and Eyeglasses Care  5) For medical care and sanitary 6) For artificial leather substrate   7) For Food Care 8) Fire Retardant and Filtration Material ETC. We are bearing in mind the company business philosophy “Quality first, Customer superior, do not want to be your passer-by, but to be your lifetime partner. “ Welcome to understand KOCEAN!!!


Address: 8-1 Tangxi , Shangxi Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province , China Contact: Ms.Yajuan / Ms.Pearl Tel : 0086-579-85857556 Fax:0086-579-82449257 E-mail: sale@kocean.net pearl@kocean.net MSN: arlenegrass@hotmail.com

Microfiber Kentucky Mop,Mop Refill-We are professional in nonwoven industry and microfiber industry. Our products are widely used for household cleaning, pet caring, car caring, industry cleaning, hospital . We are kocean.com.
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